In a perfect world, football betting would always be two things – fun and lucrative. Nothing's perfect, of course, but when you punt on football that should still be your aim – to enjoy yourself and to make money (not necessarily in that order but, to borrow another sports phrase, those two goals should run neck and neck).

For many football lovers, just watching the game and cheering for their favourite team is enough; and that's fine for millions of football fans the world over.

But with the advent of online sports betting, many fans who have, until recently, been happy to just watch, are now "sweetening" the experience by putting a little money on a game.

The added value that punting offers is something that can't simply be described; you really have to experience it for yourself.

So go online, do a little research about football betting, take a look at the odds (after learning what they are and what they mean), register with an online bookmaker, and take the plunge.

You'll find that your favourite sport just got a little better, and a little more exciting and suspenseful. You might even find yourself in the money as well.