There are some leagues in Europe that have already announced who are the champions, one of those cases is the German league with Bayern Munich running past everything and everyone in their path and even though there are more than 4 matches left to be played, the squad of Pep Guardiola have already won their league.

In the Italian League, Juventus has a healthy lead over everyone else and it is pretty safe to say that they will be winning the league title for another year but the Premier League is as tight as ever.

Liverpool, Manchester City, Chelsea and even Arsenal are battling it out for the Premier League title and it is far from over. It has come to the point that even 1 match can be the decisive factor which can determine the winner of the silverware.

Manchester City’s Manuel Pellegrini is expecting the conclusion of the league to be very close.

The Chilean coach told Sky Sports: "I always said that this would be a very close Premier League with three or four teams fighting until the end for the title. I think Arsenal still has a chance to fight for the title. We will see which team do things better from now until the end. The most important thing is that we continue depending on what we can do between now and the end of the season."
Pellegini later went on talking about his club’s recent match against Arsenal which concluded in a 1-1 stalemate and even though it ended in a draw, he believes it was a good result.

"It was a very close game. I think we played better the first half, but the second was very equal. We had four or five clear crosses from the right side in the first 25 minutes that we didn't finish well, but football is like that. If there was a team which deserved to win, it was our team." Pellegrini added on.