The German coach of Malaga, Bernhard Schuster has revealed that his future in the Spanish club will depend on a clause that exists in his contract. Following Malaga’s triumph against Villareal a few days, Schuster went on talking about his future with Malaga and if whether or not he will be staying in charge of it.

“It depends on our position in La Liga, if it’s automatically renewed. We have to finish tenth or higher. It’s not a matter of whether I deserve to or not. We have to take account of everything at the end of the season, we have to analyze perfectly how the season has gone, how we’ve done things.

"If it were that simple, there wouldn’t be an issue, but we have this clause there and we’ll have to see what happens. Our work has to be evaluated and I’m not just here to be a pretty face” Schuster told the brasilien mexico odds statistics and betting site.

If he can meet the minimum requirements of what the clause in his contract states, then it will allow the German tactician to gain an automatic contract renewal.

Even though the remaining matches of the season will be the deciding factor in the future of Schuster, he stated his happiness about coaching Malaga and that their recent victory against Villareal has given the squad a state of calmness.

The former Real Madrid coach added on: “I’m super-happy; I have very much liked working with my team.”

“We’ve been waiting for a while to get our play together like this. It’s what we’ve been lacking this season, getting wins like this. That’s what brings such happiness. We’ve gone through difficult times, we know that, but we’ve got through them. We are part of this profession, we know how things work, that it needs calm and we’ve achieved that.’’

Malaga has to face off against Getafe, Elche, Athletic Madrid and Levante as those will be their 4 last matches in the league.