Tim Howard is eyeing a return to action for Colorado Rapids.

The player who spent a decade in the Premier League is facing a difficult time after a “quiet” off season as he described and recovering full fitness after an injury in November.

The player who seemed to enjoy his first break in over a year with his family described the game he got injured as “terrible.” Howard spent his vacation with his family on the beach then at the NBA, before a trip to watch Green Bay Packers play New York Giants in the NFL playoffs.

The American shot stopper is not also likely to join his teammates when the United States national team train this month.
The injury was in the game against Mexico in a World Cup qualifying match, days after he helped the Rapids qualify for the Western Conference finals against Los Angeles Galaxy. The injury is a fracture to his right adductor longus of the groin.

“That was a terrible game. Nothing to write home about. Going to the beach and relaxing with my kids – that’s paradise for me,” he said after the injury.

On missing the finals despite playing a huge role in reaching there, he said: “It wasn’t too emotional. I’m pretty level when it comes to those things. I’ve had injuries I’ve been able to play through. I’ve been lucky not to have any big injuries. So I take it on the chin.
“There’s never a good time for it, especially right where we were in the thick of it. For me it wasn’t great timing, but it never is. But it wasn’t something that got me too down.”

The player is expected back to full training in the second week of March. With his rehab going fine the player could resume earlier. The goalkeeper remains focused on helping the club advance further this year when he returns.