Howard speaks out after suspension

Tim Howard has made a statement after he was suspended by the MLS following an incident with a fan.

Tim Howard admitted that he was wrong for handling the fan the way he did, but he said that he was happy with the way the fan has approach him.

Indeed video footage has shown that the fan was drunk and was even in possession of alcoholic beverage. Tim Howard said that he knows that he has made a mistake by his behavior, but it is also important that the MLS consider the security of the players.

He said that it is not normal for fans to be so close to players and also be under the influence of alcohol. He said that the fan was yelling foul words at him and that this is what has caused him to become irritated. He said that this was not an excuse for the way he has behaved, but he feels that it was important for a player to voice out.

Tim Howard has been backed by the MLS Players Union as they feel that this is an issue that needs to be dealt with by the MLS. They say that it is not normal for only the players to be sanctioned as they feel that the fans should also be warned for such behavior.

Tim Howard has apologized to his team as well as fans in general for his behavior and said that he would need to watch over his behavior in the future. He admitted that as a professional player he has to behave himself properly and he feels that he has not been able to do so at that moment.

The MLS has declined to comment on this issue and has not stated whether this incident will be investigated any further.