Howard Stands Out

Tim Howad’s superb series of performances during the 2014 World Cup was certainly that not many people were expecting as the American goalkeeper was one of the standout players all through the tournament. The 35 year old shot-stopper made a number of 16 saves just during his squads’ match against Belgium. He went on showing the world that even at his age; he still has a lot to offer not only for his club Everton but for his country.
The experienced shot-stopper has a contract with Everton which runs up until 2018 which means that he will not retire anytime soon but it has not stopped him to think about what he will do when the time comes to hang up his boots and announced his conclusion from a career that has spanned over 9 years which has seen Howard performing in 5 clubs.
It has been announced that Tim Howard signed a Television deal with NBC that will see him doing commentary for 10 matches of the upcoming season of the Premier League but this will not interfere with his playing time and schedule that he already has established with Everton. Howard is going to be a commentator and analyst for specific matches of the approaching season of the top tier English league and taking into consideration that Howard is reaching the last 4 or 5 years of his professional playing career, it is highly likely of him taking this a regular job after retiring.
Howard went on expressing details about his temporary new job as he said: "As a player, you know the game. When you get to a level that I'm at, the Premier League and the national team, you've almost in a sense mastered the game. But applying that in the broadcast booth up in the gantry, simplifying it, trying to give as much information as quickly as you can, and concisely, is a challenge. I'm nowhere near perfect, and to get to the top level, that's what you need to be."