Howard on the USA team

Tim Howard believes that the USA team has great potential and that they can qualify for the next World Cup.

He was speaking after the game that saw the USA draw against Venezuela.

The USA players have been the subject of many critics who considered only Howard to have performed at his best. However, the USA goalkeeper believes that there are some good players in the team and that they will soon be delivering the goods.

He believes that Bruce Arena is a great manager and that he will be able to find a system that fit every player. He said that you should not judge a team on a friendly match as it is sometimes to difficult to motivate yourself especially when you are at the end of a long season.

Tim Howard said that the team had played quite well up front, but they need to improve their finishing if they want to win games.
He admitted that there is still some improvements at the back as they appeared to be unconvincing when defending set pieces. He believes that the more the players play together, they will learn to defend better and not give some cheap balls away.

Tim Howard said that he trusts Bruce Arena completely and he feels that he has the necessary experience to help the team. He said that Arena had managed the USA team before and he knows his job more than everything else. He said that he still need some time to fine tune the team and to find a formation that works.

He said that there is still time before the next qualifying game and that the team will get some more time to train together. He feels that there is a good spirit within the team and that they will deliver the goods soon.