Tim Howard has played more number of games

Tim Howard has played more number of games at the international level than any other goalie in the history of American Football.

There are not too many goalkeepers who have been more consistent than him playing in the English top tier over the last 10 years or so, as reflected in a poll of bet365 mobile users.

But, right now, there’s no place for him in the starting XI of the American national team, and he is in the squad for the upcoming two games, but, as an understudy to Brad Guzan.

Tottenham open to other Sports

In June 2015, Tottenham announced that they were given the rights and permission to add a movable pitch to the new White Hart Lane stadium site proposal, which is expected to give the club the option of hosting events besides football, and is seen by many as a game-changer in the world of sports stadia.

It's off you go for Victor Valdes

Look back through the press conferences Louis van Gaal has given since becoming Manchester United and the one word which always stands out is ‘philosophy’.

It’s this one word which Victor Valdes seems to have been unable to understand after Van Gaal confirmed he is ready to sell the goalkeeper. Van Gaal has claimed that Valdes didn’t want to play for United’s reserves and that he wasn’t following his philosophy at Old Trafford.


Coventry City recovered from the loss against Doncaster Rovers in the previous weekend to register a 1-0 win over Peterborough United, but it was not a memorable match for the fans.

Both teams did not play good football and Coventry were lucky to come out of this match with three points. Coventry City manager Tony Mowbray revealed that this was one of those games in which both teams did not deserve to win due to the bad football that they played.

Tim Howard was linked with Many Rumors

Not too long ago there were rumors being spread around which linked Tim Howard with a possible return to the MLS but that just doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen as the veteran goal-keeper of Everton signed a contract extension with the Premier League club which runs up until 2018 and the player himself has admitted in saying that he wants to retire by playing what is left of his career in Everton.


In his press conference ahead of the away game versus the Gunners, there were no signs that Nigel Pearson was insecure about his job.

The Leicester boss was as calm as ever and he even dropped hints that he had received backing from the club board.
But, for how long can the Foxes owners remain patient because the situation of the team just does not seem to be getting any better.

Pearson has tried different combinations and neither of them has worked. If a couple of matches where they've picked up points are left out, Leicester have consistently been lethargic on the pitch.

Tim Howard finds MLS hands behing situation of Lampard

Tim Howard reckons MLS officials themselves are responsible for the Frank Lampard situation.

According to Howard, Manchester City should not have been allowed to take Lampard away on loan straightaway after his signing to New York City.

Lampard has done so well at Manchester City that the Sky Blues are now not ready to let him go to America in the winter. They want the veteran player to see the whole Premier League season through for them.

Howard doesn’t think that MLS should let the loan extension, which is on the cards, to materialize.