Steve Cooke Comes in with Praise for Dominique Badji

Colorado Rapids interim manager Steve Cooke claims that former Dominique Badji could be one of the important players in the MLS over the next couple of years.

The striker came up with his eighth goal of the league campaign after scoring in the 1-1 draw with New York City. The 24-year-old striker is the top scorer at the club. His goals have been a crucial factor behind Colorado Rapids trying to get off from the bottom of the table. Even though results have not improved dramatically since the arrival ofCooke, it has slowly been increasing and it is down to the performances of the striker.

Dominique Badji came into the 2017 season with an objective of scoring in the double figures and he is now very close to achieving this target with six matches left in the campaign. Badji claims that he is very keen on hitting the target while also helping Colorado Rapids make places up the table. Cooke claims that many people made the mistake of writing off Badji since the striker came in as the fourth round pick in the draft picks.

However, he has been able to make sensational progress and has come a long way since being named as the 67th pick in the 2015 draft season. Even though Colorado Rapids have a number of stars like Tim Howard, the club continue to be heavily reliant on Badji for the goals.

“Every day he comes into work he’s a top professional. He puts in his time before training and stays late to work on becoming a good player and a good professional. I’m really pleased for him because he does put in that time. People possibly can’t remember because he’s scoring goals these days but he was a fourth-round pick. People probably looked and said this might be one of those fourth-round draft picks who gets pushed aside,” said Cooke.