Tim Howard is being linked with a return to the MLS

This might just be the last season of Tim Howard as a player of Everton as the veteran goal-keeper has recently been dropped to the sidelines while his teammate Joel Robles has risen.

Joel Robles is a 25 year old shot-stopper who is starting to get more time in the pitch and he is being chosen ahead of Tim Howard. Howard picked up a knee injury and this is one of the main reasons of why Robles has been given the chance to prove his worth and so far, he has not disappointed as Joel Robles has managed to get 3 clean sheets.

Howard has a contract with Everton which extends until 2018 but taking into consideration the rise of Joel Robles, it’s rumored that Howard will not be able to fulfill his entire contract with the Premier League and a return to the MLS is a possible option.

Roberto Martinez recently talked about the current situation of Tim Howard and the manager of Everton told the fans of the club that they should appreciate everything that Howard has done for the club since having joined back in 2006. The English manager was talking like if Howard’s time in Everton was running out.

“This is the tenth season of Tim Howard at Everton and I know that, as a football club, we will have to take a bit of time to consider his best moments and what he has done for this club. We should appreciate that and give him that warmth between now and the end of the season. I think it’s important that Tim doesn’t feel that all his good work has been forgotten.’’ Everton’s Roberto Martinez as he told fans to remember what Howard has accomplished with the club and to make the veteran player fee like hes still not forgotten.

Tim Howard has had a fairly mediocre and poor form in this season and with the recent of Joel Robles, it’s starting to look like Howard will start getting dropped to the sidelines on a more consistent basis and a return to the MLS or to another club could be his best option.