Tim Howard supports Brad Guzan in goal for the United States at the continental tournament despite not being at the goal post.

The fans of the United States hoping to relive the memories from the 2014 World Cup but would be disappointed as Howard is there as a backup Brad Guzan.

For many years, Howard has been the first choice while Brad Guzan the backup but the roles have now been reversed. With both of them coming off disappointing seasons in England, Guzan was made the first choice as Howard had to change clubs requiring resettlement to the States.

On picking Guzan, Coach Jurgen Klinsmann told MLS Ssoccer:
“Tim Howard finished a huge, huge chapter in his career with Everton Football Club. He’s always going to be a legend for Everton, and he did wonderful things with that club.

“But he wasn’t with us for a year after the World Cup, and he also lost his starting spot the last half of the year with Everton, so we think that in that moment Brad has a little bit of an edge and deserves it.”

Howard then explained that he was fine with the decision and revealed that they were close friends and will remain so. He said that Howard was there to support him when he needed it and that he would do same for him when he is at the goal posts.

Klinsmann also told US Soccer that the crew believes Guzan deserves it as he has played consistently for the past two years. He admitted he had a very difficult time at Aston Villa but they believe that was a very different environment and he would live up to the billing at the tournament. Guzan himself knows Howard would be fighting for his spot back so he has to give up everything if he is to remain there for long.